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Structure view

Easystructure will analyses/parse C source and display the structure in a browsable tree view. The tree view contains the source code (either just code or including comments) organised by it's structure. This view can be copied (wmf format) and printed.


A flowchart can be automatically generated from the structure tree view of all or any part of the source. Flowcharts contain all the original source code and can be copied (wmf format) and printed. The flowchart's font, block size and margins can be customised.


The original source can be reformatted/beautified with structure based indentation and resetting the line breaks in long statements. Other reformatting options are:

  1. indent braces with parent or contents
  2. use spaces instead of tabs
  3. set the page width with strict or nominal (long statement line breaks are inserted preferably by structure) enforcement
  4. force branches and loops to use braces for single statements
  5. align consecutive declaration statements

XML source

A generic XML form of the source code can be automatically generated from the structure tree view. This shows the code structure and contains all the original source.


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