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Version 1.2.12 (10th April 2009) is now available.



Easystructure is a tool to analysis C source files and display the structure of the source code in flowchart and hierarchical tree views. The tree view is a vertical display version of the Jackson block graphical methodology. Once the source has been parsed these views can be browsed/copied/printed to gain an understanding of the code. Flowcharts are displayed with the original source. A tree node may be expanded so as to show any contained statements of various types (e.g. jump type, return type). When parsed the source may be reformatted (beautified) according to the many options and also converted to an XML representation. The views can be printed, copied, or displayed with the original source.

The flowchart view may be printed or copied to the clipboard in wmf format. The flowchart appearance can be customised ,e.g. block size, font size, margins.

The tree view may be printed or copied to the clipboard in wmf format (the page dimensions can be set when copying). These are in the tree's current expanded state. An option exists for each tree node to include it's associated lines of original source. This is useful for documentation purposes or where you want to include the source comments.

Download & Install

Easystructure for all win32 platforms is free and can be download here.

Specialised versions

Specialised versions of EasyStructure can be written for such applications as:

  1. legacy code
  2. translate source from one language to another

Contact Ablegold for more information.


Feel free to report any problems. If problem is with parsing a source file please include the source file or code snippet. All such source will not be retained after the problem is investigated.


Easystructure is under continual development and this is what is planned next:

  1. Improved interface and multi file project with VStudio import
  2. Support C++, Java
  3. Source metrics
  4. Source execution path analysis
  5. Other languages


Easystructure came about through a desire to improve the time it takes a developer to understand source code. Understanding is so that a developer can predict what the source code will do, before and after changes are made. Ultimately Easystructure hopes to represent source code in terms of the paths of execution through it. Showing flowcharts and the structure in an easily browsable form is the first step.

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